What country code is 25?

What country code is 25?

What country code is 25?

International mobile dial codes

Country/U.S. Territories Country code Mobile dial codes (effective 8/2/2019)
Belarus 375 25, 29, 33, 44
Belgium 32 460, 4630, 4659-4667, 4669, 4681-4683, 47, 483-489, 49, 77
Belize 501 60-69
Benin 229 61, 64-68, 90-99

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What is the code of all countries?

Country Codes

Albania 355 AL / ALB
Algeria 213 DZ / DZA
American Samoa 1-684 AS / ASM
Andorra 376 AD / AND

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Which country has code 96?

Table of codes

Numerical code Alphabetical code Country
96 IR Iran
97 SY Syria
98 LB Lebanon
99 IQ Iraq

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What is the 21 code?

+21 is the code for North Africa but, as North Africa is a region that comprises 6 countries, +21 by itself is NOT a valid country code. Therefore +211 is the country code for South Sudan; +212 is the code for Morocco; +213 is Algeria; +216 is Tunisia and +218 is Libya.

What country code is 256?

Uganda Country Code 256 – Worldometer.

Which country uses +88?

List of international country calling phone codes

Country Country Code National Prefix
Bangladesh 880 0
Barbados 1 1
Belarus 375 8
Belgium 32 0

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Which country code is 85?

Hong Kong Country Code 852 Country Code HK.

How do you use +44?

On a mobile phone, you can dial +44 and the UK number (without the leading zero for the area code). The + sign is typically entered by pressing and holding the zero button. On a landline/fixed phone, dial the international access code and country code (011 44) followed by the UK number.

Where is +92 code?

Pakistan Country Code 92 – Worldometer.

Which country has +8 code?

International Dialing Code

Serial No. Country Name Dialing Codes
8 ANGUILLA 1-264
11 ARMENIA 374

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What is modifier 22 used for?

  • The 22 modifier is used to identify an unusual procedural service. By using this modifier you are indicating that the procedure in question required a level of care greater than that usually required.

What are the 10 10 codes?

  • Ten-codes, also known as 10codes or ten signals, are code words used by many police officers to aid with voice communication. The codes were originally developed in 1937 to allow for brevity, clarity, and standardization of messages transmitted over radio channels.

What is 22 place of service?

  • Place of service (POS) 21, 22 , 23. 21 Inpatient Hospital A facility, other than psychiatric, which primarily provides diagnostic, therapeutic (both surgical and nonsurgical), and rehabilitation services by, or under, the supervision of physicians to patients admitted for a variety of medical conditions.

What is modifier 22 mean?

  • Modifier 22 is for physician reporting only (facilities may not report modifier 22), and should not be appended to evaluation and management (E/M) codes, according to CPT® guidelines.

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