Is Armor Games still a thing?

Is Armor Games still a thing?

Is Armor Games still a thing?

The Armor Games website is not going anywhere and we continue to release new games every week. We look forward to continuing to game with you for a long time to come.

Is Armor Games safe to use?

The site forbids strong language, but it probably comes through occasionally. The site encourages friendly, safe-for-work interactions and reminds users that kids visit the site.

Why did they remove Flash?

Released in 1996, Flash was once one of the most popular ways for people to stream videos and play games online. But it was plagued with security problems and failed to transition to the smartphone era. Adobe will no longer offer security updates for Flash and has urged people to uninstall it.

Is Addicting Games a safe site?

Although there are plenty of safe and educational games, some of the games are sick and twisted (especially those in the section called Shooting Games!). The site also links to other gaming sites, which can contain violent and inappropriate material.

Which is correct armor or Armour?

So what is the difference? Well, like in many cases in modern times, the only difference between « armour » and « armor » is whether you are talking to British or to Americans. According to notorious English dictionaries, both forms are accepted and considered correct as nouns and as verbs, having the same meaning.

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